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Reading material – other people have been on this journey and written about their experiences.

Eyes without Sparkle: A Journey Through Postnatal Illness’ [Paperback] Elaine A. Hanzak The author explains the journey she has taken from a confident person through severe post natal depression and back. An informative book that is not full of jargon words but clearly explains the realities of living through this illness.

Surviving Post-Natal Depression: At Home No One Hears You Scream’ [Paperback] Cara Aiken

When Baby Brings the Blues: Solutions for Postpartum Depression’ [Paperback] Ariel Dalfen

‘Overcoming postnatal depression: a five areas approach’ by Christopher Williams, Roch Cantwell and Karen Robertson, Hodder Arnold (2009)

‘Coping with postnatal depression’ by Dr Sandra Wheatley, Sheldon Press (2005)

‘Surviving postnatal depression’ by Cara Aitken, Jessica Kingsley Publishers (2000)

‘Feelings after childbirth’: the NCT book of postnatal depression by Heather Welford, NCT Publishers (2002)