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Perinatal Mental Healthcare is the key to unlocking the inter-generational impact of mental ill-health

Suicide as a result of depression is the leading cause of maternal death in the UK, and the failure to provide specialist perinatal mental health service leaves “60,000 mums suffering in silence” every year.

Yet many people do not realise that the suffering of these mums has an adverse impact on the development of their children during “the 1001 critical days”.

Behavioural problems, reduced learning ability, increased likelihood of depression prior to age 16 and a life-time exposure of increased risks to mental illness are all a result of the exposure of the developing child to toxic stress.

At the recent Marcé International Conference held in Swansea (Sept 2014) the failure by the UK, Canada and USA to tackle perinatal mental illness was raised by a number speakers.

It was argued that Perinatal Mental Healthcare is the key to unlocking the inter-generational impact of mental ill-health.

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Without the support from specialist services only “Educated Parents” have been shown to have significant success in overcoming and breaking the adverse inter-generational child-development cycle.

For the full article with links to the research click here

In July the Maternal Mental Health Alliance, launched the #everyonesbusiness campaign to raise awareness of the poor provision of Perinatal Mental Health Services across the UK.

Maps Perinatal Mental Health Provision – 8th July 2014