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4. The Whole Family Approach – Support for dads and the legacy for those left behind

The NHS currently does not commission or provide any support for Dads supporting those suffering from postnatal depression or for Dads who suffer from postnatal depression.

Ask Why – Does the NHS not provide support and information to Dads? 

Following my wife’s death nobody contacted me from the Mental Health Crisis Team that had been treating her.

The clinical records detail how the Crisis Team Manger contacted the Health Visitors advising them NOT TO MAKE CONTACT FOR 6 TO 8 WEEKS as I had the support of my family. Whilst at the same time the Crisis Team Manager discussed ensuring support was provided to members of staff.

Thankfully the Health Visitors ignored that advice and left a hand-written letter offering their condolences and telling me to contact them at any time I needed their help or support.

The crucial role “carers” play, whether dads, partners, family members or friends, must be recognized by the NHS. Commissioners must ensure “carers” receive the support that they are legally entitled, as part of the initial treatment of sufferers.

Yet the sad truth is I had to learn for myself, without any NHS support, about the significant effects on my daughters long-term development that are expected as a result of the trauma she has already suffered

  • 12 times more likely to have a statement of special needs
  • More likely to have a diagnosis of depression themselves at age 16

I also had to learn of the increased risk she will suffer the same sever form of postnatal depression as her mum.

Support for those left in tatters after these “avoidable deaths” needs to be dramatically improved. 


Survivors of Bereavement by Suicide 


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Ask Why – Does the NHS not provide support and information to Dads? 


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