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JBMF in Support of NSPCC Report – Call to Action

We are supporting the NSPCC “call to action” for the improvements urgently needed in the provision of maternal mental health services across the UK.

Whilst Leeds has its own Mother and Baby Unit and specialist perinatal mental health services, across the rest of Yorkshire and the UK services are chronically inadequate, if they exist at all.

The Patients Association Investigation into PCTs Commissioning of PND Services – Sunday Times 6/3/2011 

The tragic case of Joanne (Joe) Bingley brings home many of the issues highlighted in the NSPCC report:

The tragic death of Joanne (Joe) Bingley highlights the plight of the many thousands of families left in tatters picking up the pieces, but it also highlights the wider impacts and costs on society.

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4. JBMF in Support of NSPCC Report – The Whole Family Approach

5. JBMF in Support of NSPCC Report – The True Costs of Failure


The Mid-Staffordshire enquiry is just one of many “Independent Reports” raising the issue that many NHS trusts are failing to comply with care quality standards, failing to adhere to professional standards care and are operating unlawfully.

The Care Quality Commission finds 20% Maternity Services (NHS trusts) operating in breach of the law (Oct 2011) 

Recently there has been much publicity over the NHS estimate of £17.5bn in outstanding negligence claims as a result of patient blunders and failure to follow care quality standards

The wider economic costs of mental illness in England have been estimated at £105.2 billion each year5. This includes direct costs of services, lost productivity at work and reduced quality of life.


This postcode lottery of care has existed for far too long, with over 35,000 mums suffering in silence every year and fathers left with no NHS support or guidance.

4Children ‘Suffering in Silence’ Survey and National Campaign (Sep 2011) 


NSPCC report All Babies Count: Spotlight on Perinatal Mental Health

In collating the evidence from so many previous investigations this report solidifies what has been known for a long time that Perinatal Mental Health must be prioritised to prevent the  “avoidable deaths” and the “unnecessary suffering” of mums and their families.

NSPCC Report : Spotlight on Perinatal Mental Health