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NHS Treatment & Care

Treatment and CareThere are a number of guidelines, frameworks and definitions which apply to the treatment and care of women with postnatal depression and mental illnesses. They are aimed primarily at the Health Professionals who are involved with delivering services to these women and their carers. However, it is useful for patients and their carers to be aware of what the guidelines are and what should be in place to support them and help them work towards recovery.

In this section we briefly discuss the main guidelines, frameworks and definitions that apply at the current time to the care and treatment of women suffering from postnatal mental ill health; and direct you to the relevant websites which contain the full guidelines and other relevant material.  The information in this section and the reference section is not exhaustive nor is it prescriptive, we hope to outline the current position for women and their carers who may wish to know what determines their care and treatment in the NHS in 2011.

In this Section