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Helping Your Partner

If you recognise that your partner has Postnatal depression and has not taken steps to help herself you must encourage her to seek immediate medical help. If you recognise that her symptoms are more than ordinary PND and her behaviour is posing a threat to herself or the baby do not hesitate to call your doctor, health visitor or midwife; in extreme cases call the emergency services. Who to contact.

Practical ways you can help your partner

  • Listen and be there
  • Understand its not anyone’s fault – it’s a real illness and she will get better
  • Be involved with your partner’s care, it will help you understand
  • Be patient, it takes time
  • Help her to organise her time and encourage her to prioritise – only do what needs doing now, some things can wait
  • Cook the meals or see if you can get help from family and friends
  • Keep visitors to a minimum
  • Encourage her to rest and have some time to herself
  • Help with night feeds
  • Take the baby out for an hour or two
  • Don’t forget to tell your partner you love her and give plenty of hugs
  • Allow