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Dads section - Don’t Forget the Dads!

DadsNew dads can also suffer from Postnatal depression and its more likely to happen if your partner is suffering from it or if you have had depression in the past – or if you are a new father.

Often the feelings of new fathers are overlooked, the main focus is on mum and baby, if you can apply two or more of the symptoms from the checklist here to yourself you should seek help immediately.

It’s the same for you as for anyone else, the faster you get help and treatment, the faster you will recover, talk to your GP about how you are feeling.  Ask your family and friends for practical help, with the baby, your partner, a meal, help getting some food in or doing a load of washing just to take the pressure off.

Dads can feel excluded when a new baby arrives on the scene, particularly if the mum is breast feeding – try to be understanding and offer to help with getting the baby back to sleep, nappy changes and taking the baby for a walk or just nursing the baby while mum has some time to herself.  This will give you chance to get to know and bond with your child, something a lot of men say they find hard to do.  Loving your baby isn’t always instantaneous, sometimes it takes time, some mums have trouble with this too.  Don’t bottle it up or feel guilty, talk about your feelings and get some help (see who to contact section or links to dads groups, you’ll find that quite a lot of people felt the same as you and can reassure you that you what you are feeling is not odd or unnatural

Don’t forget its important that you look after you your own emotional and physical wellbeing so that you can look after your family as well as yourself. There are some support groups for dads on the internet, follow this link.

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