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Calling for a Parliamentary Commission into Perinatal Mental Health

According to The Confidential Enquiries into Maternal Death the highest cause of maternal death is suicide as a result of suffering depression

86% are “avoidable deaths” based upon findings that it was possible to have identified the illness and provided treatment for the Mums to have made a full recovery.

SO WHY – has the situation for most patients remained unchanged for over 10 years?

Despite Ministerial promises, NHS Service Frameworks, NICE Care Standards and publication of various Guidelines. ………… the NHS has failed to commission Perinatal Mental Health Services across most of the UK.

click here for a copy of: Maps of UK Perinatal Mental Health Services

This is why we are supporting the campaign calling for a Parliamentary Commission into Perinatal Mental Health, being presented by Chris Bingley to the Marce Society International Conference in Swansea this week :

click here for a copy of: Marce Conference presentation (Sep 2014)

The Parliamentary Commission into Perinatal Mental Health

The need for such a commission, lead by Chris Bingley and Barry Sheerman MP,  has been voiced between various MPs and 3rd sector organisations over the last 2 years but taking proposals forward had to wait until after the NHS had accepted the legal claims that their negligent treatment was the cause of the “avoidable death” of Joanne (Joe) Bingley.

The inquiry will provide an independent review and detailed investigation to understand and highlight the issues and policy areas and to answer:

  • Why? has there been a failure to implement Specialist Perinatal Mental Health Care Services across the UK despite Parliamentary and Department of Health promises after the death of Daksha Emson.
  • Why? has there been a failure to implement “lessons learned” from Independent Investigations and Confidential Enquiries and a failure to implement and follow Care Standards.
  • Why? Dads are not being recognised as Carers by NICE even though “Home Care” is the primary treatment offered by Mental Health Crisis Teams
  • What? are the required actions to enforce the implementation of Care Standards and Lessons Learned, and to ensure promises made are delivered.

For details of the need for the commision and the proposals click the following:

JBMF Foreward – Parliamentary Commission in PNMH – v5

Parliamentary Commission in Perinatal Mental Health – v5

The plans and proposals are in place and the the hope is to launch the enquiry in 2015 once the £100,000 funding has been agreed.

The Death of Joanne Bingley Highlights a National Scandal

Joanne was let down by the very NHS organisation that she gave everything to and just 10 short weeks after giving birth to her much longed for daughter Emily, whilst being treated at home for severe postnatal depression she took her own life.

Joe’s story is a horrific example of the NHS getting it wrong click here….. Joanne Bingley Case Study – A Reason to Act (Marce Annex)

In 2003 following the release of the public enquiry into the suicide of the psychiatrist Dr Daksha Emson and infanticide of her child, the government made promises that the NHS would deliver “Specialists In Perinatal Mental Health” to care for women in crisis who suffer from postnatal depression.

In response The Royal College of Psychiatry created the faculty of Perinatal Mental Health as a specialism.

Yet more than 10 years after the Daksha Emson Public Enquiry that resulted in so many promises:

  • More than 35,000 mums are left suffering in silence every year
  • Mums are too scared to come forward for treatment for fear of having their child taken away
  • Dads are left supporting Mums who are too scared to seek help or turn to health care professionals
  • Health Care Professionals are still asking for “Specialists In Perinatal Mental Health” and access to services so that they can support mums, dads and families suffering the mental trauma and crisis